Easter Sunday Service

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Introduction: Pastor Eric Dale

Prelude: "Prelude for Easter" performed by Marilyn Lee

Call to Worship: Elizabeth Truesdell                                                     


Leader:  Shout for Joy.

All: The tomb is empty.

Leader: Clap your hands.

All: Death is cheated.

Leader: Dance and sing.

All: Christ is risen.

Leader: Christ is risen indeed.


Opening Prayer: Elizabeth Truesdell


Leader: Let us be at prayer.

 God of mystery and might, your wondrous love always seems to catch us off guard.

We come to the tomb looking for death, but find life instead.

As we behold the glory of our salvation, take us back to that moment of discovery-when grief and loss gave way to a glimmer or hope.

Before we shout our alleluias, remind us of the moment when despair was transported into glimpses of new possibilities.

In the holy awe of Easter morning, we take a moment of silent gratitude that Christ calls each of us by name. 


(Moment of Silence)


Shout it from the mountaintops: Christ is risen! Alleluia!

All: Christ is risen! Alleluia!

Leader: Christ is risen indeed.


Hymn #302: "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" performed by Marilyn Lee

Scripture: Acts 10:34-43 read by Elizabeth Truesdell

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8 read by Pastor Eric Dale

Message: "He is Going Before You" delivered by Pastor Eric Dale

Hymn #304: " Easter People, Raise Your Voices" performed by Marilyn Lee

Invitation to the Offering: Charlotte Peterson

Special Music: "Prelude Number One in C Major (J.S. Bach)" performed by Catherine Loustaunau

Offering Prayer: Charlotte Peterson

Hymn #318: "Christ is Alive" performed by Marilyn Lee

Benediction: Pastor Eric Dale

Leader: From darkness and despair, we find hope and joy.

All: Christ is risen! We go forth in joy!

Leader: From doubt and betrayal, we find trust and faith.

All: Christ is risen! We go forth in faith!

Leader: From suffering and death, we find healing and life.

All: Christ is risen! We go forth to live!

Leader: Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed!

All: Alleluia!


Postlude: Marilyn Lee 



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