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Prelude: "A Summer Idyll" performed by Marilyn Lee


Welcome and Announcements: Rob Bickmore



Call to Worship: Sue Sarno


Leader: Sisters and Brothers, We are God's People.

People: And as God's People we know that nothing can separate us from God's love!

Leader: We know that even in the midst of pandemic, we remain the powerful community of Christ!

People: And as a community we reach out this day-even from different locations-

to celebrate our love and unity in Christ!

All: So. let us be the church at worship. Let us be the church in service to others.

Let us be the church in joy and wonder! AMEN.


Hymn # 601: "Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet" performed by Marilyn Lee


Call to Confession: Sue Sarno


Prayer of Confession: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Words of Assurance: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Scripture: John 4:16-21 read by Charlotte Peterson


Scripture: John 4: 16-21 read in Fijian by Vakatawa Sekuri Yadraca


Scripture: Romans 8: 4b-8 read by Sue Sarno


Hymn # 393: "Spirit of the Living God" played by Marilyn Lee


Sermon: "Practicing Selflessness in Selfish Times" Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Pastoral Prayer: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


The Lord's Prayer (in Fijian): Vakatawa Sekuri Yadraca


Introduction to Offering: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Offertory: "Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive" played by Marilyn Lee


Doxology: played by Marilyn Lee


Prayer of Dedication: Charlotte Peterson


Hymn # 707: "Hymn of Promise" played by Marilyn Lee


Benediction: Rob Bickmore


Postlude: "Joy" played by Marilyn Lee





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