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Sunday July 19th, 2020


Prelude: "As Morning Sunlight Appears" played by Marilyn Lee


Welcome: Elizabeth Truesdell


Call to Worship: Elizabeth Truesdell


Leader:   Though the days are full of challenge, we know that God is with us!

People:   No matter what comes, the power of God’s Spirit surrounds and holds us close.

Leader:    For we are a community; a people formed and nourished by God’s Spirit!

People:    This Spirit is the Spirit of hope.

Leader:    This Spirit is the Spirit of love.

People:    This Spirit comes to us and unites us even though we cannot sit together this morning.

All:  So come, let us worship!  Come, let us praise the Spirit that formed and feeds us. 

And let us be the Church wherever God might be leading us.  AMEN!


Hymn # 2190:  “Bring Forth the Kingdom!”   played by Marilyn Lee


Call to Confession: Elizabeth Truesdell


Prayer of Confession: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Words of Assurance: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Scripture: Genesis 28:10-19 (read in Fijian) by Vakatawa Sekuri Yadraca


Scripture: Genesis 28:10-19 read by Charlotte Peterson


Scripture: Romans 8:24-25 (read in Fijian) by Vakatawa Sekuri Yadraca          


Scripture: Romans 8:24-25 read by Charlotte Peterson             


Hymn # 418: “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder” played by Marilyn Lee


Sermon: “The Power of Knowing Where We Are….” Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Pastoral Prayer: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


The Lords's Prayer: Elizabeth Truesdell


The Lord's Prayer:(in Fijian) Vakatawa Sekuri Yadraca


Invitation to Offering: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Offertory: "Andante con Espressione" played by Marilyn Lee


Prayer of Dedication: Rob Bickmore


Hymn # 569: "We've a Story to Tell the Nations" played by Marilyn Lee


Benediction: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes


Postlude: "Postlude on Hanover" played by Marilyn Lee




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