Prelude: "Christians, We Have Met to Worship" Marilyn Lee


Welcome and Announcements: Pastor Eric Dale


Call to Worship: Charlotte Peterson


Leader: The Holy Spirit have given us life and pours on us the power

to become new people!

All: The winds of the Spirit have given us breath and the fire of the spirit

has enkindled in us a love for God and for each other.

Leader: Come here in faithfulness and be ready for the surprises that God's

Spirit brings.

All: We open our lives to the presence of God and trust God's promise 

to us that we can live new lives of freedom and grace.

May God help us to be true people of spirit,

letting holy surprises fill our days.


Hymn # 318: "Christ is Alive" (Verses 1-3,5) Marilyn Lee


We do not have sheet music available for this hymn


Prayer of Invocation: Charlotte Peterson


Leader: God of wondrous love, you have touched us and never left us in despair.

You have held us in our grief and chaos.

You have never deserted us.

You paid us a visit and your visit has never ended.

You clung to us when we were given up for dead.

All: In life and death-you raise us anew! This we know!

This we experience! This is your word of assurance!

God of wondrous love, touch us again in this time.

Stay with us-as we continue healing

our memories and lives.

In Christ's name, we pray. Amen




Scripture: Psalm 86: 1-10, 16-17 read by Charlotte Peterson


Scripture: Ephesians 3: 14-21 read by Pastor Eric Dale


Message: "The Power at Work Within Us" Pastor Eric Dale


Hymn # 593: "Here I am Lord" Marilyn Lee


We do not have sheet music for this hymn


Pastoral Prayer: Pastor Eric Dale


Invitation to Offering: Rob Bickmore


Offertory: "When Peace Like a River" Marilyn Lee


Prayer of Dedication: Rob Bickmore


Hymn # 577: "God of Grace and God of Glory" Marilyn Lee


We do not have sheet music for this hymn


Benediction: Pastor Eric Dale


Postlude: "Go Forward With Joy" Marilyn Lee

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