Prelude: "Air" Marilyn Lee


Welcome and Announcements: Rob Bickmore


Call to Worship: Charlotte Peterson


Leader:  How long O Lord?

All: How long must we hold onto this pain?

Leader: How long will the aches of our souls have power over our hearts?

All: How long must we bear the weights of worry, of guilt, or sorrow.

Leader: Move beyond the past that holds us captive.

All: We will move forward , despite the scars.

Leader: May God's steadfast love heal our spirits.

All: May Good's steadfast love help us discover the road to salvation.

Leader:Let us sing with renewed voices.

All: Let us sing of divine generosity.




Hymn # 102: "Now Thank We All Our God" Marilyn Lee





Scripture: Psalm 13: read by Charlotte Peterson


Scripture: Matthew 10:40-42 read by Rob Bickmore



              "Letting Go" Sue Sarno

              "Three Stories" Lamar Shabazian


Hymn # 399: "Take My Life, and Let It Be" Marilyn Lee





Invitation to Offering: Charlotte Peterson


Offertory: " O Day of Radiant Gladness" Marilyn Lee


Offering Prayer: Charlotte Peterson


Leader: Through the teaching of Jesus, the steadfast love of God,

and the empowering winds of the Spirit, we have been taught to 

share what we have, our time, talent and treasure, with those in need.

All: As we serve our neighbors, we serve the Christ. 

In gratitude for God's many gifts, we celebrate God's call to care for creation,

and to boldly love the children of God. Amen


Hymn # 430: "Oh Master, Let Me Walk with Thee" Marilyn Lee


We do not have sheet music available for this hymn


Benediction: Rob Bickmore


Postlude: "Praise Him With Trumpet" Marilyn Lee


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