Prelude: "Holy, Holy, Holy" Marilyn Lee


Introduction: Rob Bickmore


Call to Worship: Charlotte Peterson



Leader: For the "many-ness" of God's splendor,

All: let us give thanks.

Leader: Before Jesus's humility, and the power of Christ's commands,

All:  let us stand in wonder.

Leader: For the mystery of relationships-God's with us, and our's with one another,

All: let us seek God's holy wisdom.

Leader: Come! Let us worship the Triune God.


Hymn # 145: "Morning Has Broken" Marilyn Lee            (We do not have sheet music for this hymn)


Scripture: Psalm 8 read by Charlotte Peterson


Scripture: Psalm 8 read in Fijian by Sekuri Yadraka


Prayer of Invocation: Charlotte Peterson


Scripture: Genesis 1: 26-31 Sue Sarno


Scripture: Matthew 28: 16-20 Pastor Eric Dale


Message: "It is Good-Partners With God" Pastor Eric Dale


Hymn # 428: "For the Healing of the Nations" Marilyn Lee




 Invitation to Offering: Sue Sarno


Offertory Music: "Chapel Echos" Marilyn Lee


Prayer of Dedication: Sue Sarno


Communion: Pastor Eric Dale


Hymn # 452: "I Sing the Might Power of God" Marilyn Lee




Benediction: Pastor Eric Dale


Postlude: Marilyn Lee




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