May 17, 2020 Service



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Prelude: "To a Wild Rose" played by Marilyn Lee


Welcome and Announcements/Passing the Peace: Pastor Eric Dale


Call to Worship: Rob Bickmore


Leader: God made the world and everyone in it.

All: Our life and breath come from God.

Leader: God made all nations under heaven.

All: We are all God's offspring.

Leader: Search for God in our time of worship.

All: When we search, we find God near.


Opening Prayer: Rob Bickmore


Hymn # 304: "Easter People, Raise Your Voices" played by Marilyn Lee


Verse 1

Easter people, raise your voices, sounds of heaven in

earth should ring. Christ has brought us heaven's choices;

heavenly music, let it ring. Al-le-lu-ia!

Al-le-lu-ia! Easter people, let us sing

Verse 2

Fear of death can no more stop us from our pressing

here below. For our Lord empowered us to

triumph over every foe. Al-le-lu-ia!

Al-le-lu-ia! On to victory now we go.

Verse 3

Every day to us is Easter, with its resurrection song.

When in trouble move the faster to

our God who rights the wrong. Al-le-lu-ia!

Al-le-lu-ia! See the power of heavenly throngs


Scripture: Acts 17: 22-31 read by Charlotte Peterson


Scripture: John 14: 15-21 read by Pastor Eric Dale


Message: "Abiding in God" delivered by Pastor Eric Dale


Hymn # 384: "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling" played by Marilyn Lee


Verse 1


Love divine, all loves excelling, joy of heaven to

earth come down; fix in us thy humble dwelling;

all thy faithful mercies crown! Jesus, thou art

all compassion, pure unbounded love thou art, visit

us with thy salvation; enter every trembling heart.

Verse 2

Breathe, O breathe thy loving Spirit into every

troubled breast! Let us all in thee inherit;

let us find that second rest. Take away our

bent to sinning; Alpha and Omega be; end of

faith, as its beginning, set our hearts at liberty.

Verse 3

Come, Almighty to deliver, let us all thy

life receive; suddenly return and never,

never more thy temples leave. Thee we would be

always blessing, serve thee as thy hosts above, pray and

praise thee without ceasing, glory in thy perfect love.


Pastoral Prayer: Pastor Eric Dale


Invitation to Offering: Rob Bickmore


Offertory: "Faith of Our Fathers" played by Marilyn Lee


Offering Prayer: Rob Bickmore


Hymn # 89: "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" played by Marilyn Lee


Verse 1

Joyful, joyful, we adore thee, God of glory, Lord of love;

hearts unfold like flowers before thee, opening to the sun  above.

Melt the clouds of sin and sadness; drive the dark of doubt away.

Giver of immortal gladness, fill us with the light of day!

Verse 2

All thy works with joy surround thee, earth and heaven reflect thy rays,

stars and angels sing around thee, center of unbroken praise.

Field and forest, vale and mountain, flowering meadow, flashing sea,

chanting bird and flowing fountain, call us to rejoice in thee.

Verse 3

Thou art giving and forgiving, ever blessing ever blest,

well spring of the joy of living, ocean depth of happy rest!

Thou our Father, Christ our brother, all who live in love are thine;

teach us how to love each other, lift us to the joy divine.



Benediction: Pastor Eric Dale


Postlude: "Recessional" played by Marilyn Lee 

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