Worship in Celebration of Creation


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Prelude: Variants on "Now the Green Blade Riseth" performed by Marilyn Lee

Introduction: Pastor Eric Dale

Call to Worship: Rob Bickmore

Leader: Come, let us dwell in God's shelter.

Let us dwell in God's work of art.

Come, because the Earth is the Lord's.

And God's Earth is our home.

All: We live in God's World; we are not alone.

We share this life with the heaven's and the earth.

With the waters and the land,

with trees and grasses,

with fish, birds and animals,

with minerals and creature of every form

and with all our brothers and sisters.

Leader: God is good and everything God makes is good.

God is love and everything God makes is love's fruit.

Let us worship God!


Hymn #145: "Morning has Broken" played by Marilyn Lee

Prayer for Illumination: Rob Bickmore

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-13 read by Charlotte Peterson

Scripture: Job 12:7-10 read by Rob Bickmore

Scripture: Psalm 148 read by Pastor Eric Dale

Message: "In Praise of the Earth" Pastor Eric Dale

Hymn #122: "God of the Sparrow, God of the Whale" played by Marilyn Lee

Pastoral Prayer: Pastor Eric Dale

Invitation to the Offering: Rob Bickmore

Hymn #152: "I Sing the Mighty Power of God" played by Marilyn Lee

Benediction: Pastor Eric Dale

Leader: Through Christ, God has given us a new new birth into a living hope.

All: God has given us and inheritance that is imperishable,

undefiled and unfading-an inheritance protected by God.

Leader: Rejoice, therefore, even if for a while we suffer various trials.

All: For life is stronger than death,

love is stronger than hate,

joy is stronger than sorrow

and the promises of God are sure.


Postlude: "Alleluia! Christ is Risen" played by Marilyn Lee





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